Teach you how to precisely install and debug CNC chuck
Sep 13, 2018

First step: Clean the table surface and card Underpan face

Step Two: Place the Chuck on the workbench, the screw lock to the tap Chuck to nudge the state

Step three: Fix the switch, layout the trachea (note that the trachea does not interfere with the work of the Workbench)

Fourth step: The base seat is locked to the chuck, with the lever indicator correction datum seat plane, if the datum seat is uneven, the M8 machine rice screw on the floor, and then the side of the base seat straight: If not straight, follow the direction of the y-axis by tapping the chuck plate to ensure that the table movement along the x-axis of the dial, and then lock it.

Fifth step: Use the CNC to find the center of the centre bar (if you want the center to be more accurate, according to the center of the electrode deviation of the number of deviations in the CNC coordinates of the value of half).

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