Main types of fixtures
Sep 13, 2018

Drilling jig for short drilling die for the processing of holes and threads, mainly by the drill sleeve, drill template, positioning and clamping device specific composition.

The main types are the following:

(1) Fixed drilling mode: In use, this kind of drill in the position of the machine tool fixed, and high precision machining, mainly used for vertical drilling machine with larger diameter single hole or radial drilling machine parallel hole system.

(2) Rotary drill: This type of drill die has a sub-degree device, so you can work on the workpiece on a number of axial or radial axis distribution of the hole system.

(3) Flip-type drilling die: Mainly used for processing small workpiece on different surface of the hole, the aperture is less than f8~f10mm, it can reduce the number of installation, improve the location accuracy of the machining hole. Its structure is simple, the processing of drilling die is generally hand-flipped, so the fixture and workpiece should be less than ten kg appropriate.

(4) Cover plate drilling die: This drill die without clamp specific, its positioning elements and clamping device directly mounted on the drill template. The drill template is mounted on the workpiece and is suitable for small holes on large bulky workpieces.

Fixture, simple and lightweight structure, easy to remove chips, but each fixture needs to be loaded from the workpiece, more time-consuming, therefore, the quality of the drill die generally not more than ten kg.

(5) Sliding column type drilling die: Sliding column type drilling die is a general adjustable jig with lifting drill template, this drill die has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, quick movement, short manufacturing cycle, and wide application in production.

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