ITS standard electrode holder-has the world Advanced level fixture system for fixture positioning
Sep 13, 2018

In the field of automation, Erowa ITS chuck can be said to have the world's top level of fixture positioning system.

1, Erowa its chuck in the machine tool, mold manufacturing, electronic vehicles, medical technology, aerospace and other fields are widely used.

2, the meaning of Erowa: German spark machine, mold manufacturing, automation three words initials.

Erowa 16-seat pneumatic chuck. jpg

3. The perfect combination of flexibility and rigidity ensures that the repeatability of workpiece tooling is 2μm.

4, can reduce machine downtime, so that equipment utilization reached the highest point.

5. Swiss precision Machining results, Erowa represents precision and classic.

Erowa products include clamps, positioning plates, bases, positioning films, pneumatic head, manual head, pull nails and so on.

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