How much do you know about the Precision positioning fixture system?
Sep 13, 2018

In Europe and the United States, Japan and other industrial manufacturing countries, precision positioning fixture system is widely used, in recent years in China also began to popular, because its unique can solve the mold processing speed and product requirements of precision, by more and more Chinese mold manufacturing industry to introduce the use. So do you know why you should use a precision fixture system?

Below, please see the detailed introduction.

First, improve the production and product quality.

1. Increase machine utilization when CNC machining can be disassembled, do not need the number of cards on the machine, can continue to process other workpieces, if rework re-clamping is very convenient, and effectively improve the machine utilization rate.

2. Easy and safe maintenance when the mold needs repair or rework, re-clamping can be processed.

But the copper male seat has the directionality, will not cause the direction error.

3. Intangible benefits when using the positioning fixture system, customers visit your factory confidence increases, for the enterprise orders to bring more advantages and stronger competitiveness.

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