Fabrication of fixture
Sep 13, 2018

Fixture production, is a comprehensive science. It requires us to clearly design the task, analysis of the parts drawings, master the machining process of the workpiece, understanding the role of the workpiece, shape, structure characteristics, materials and technical requirements, processing surface, requirements, allowances, positioning standards, clamping surface and other aspects of the information. The practice proves that only by summing up experience, collecting design data carefully, mastering design, rationally fitting out the structure scheme of fixture, arranging manufacturing process and assembling process correctly. Even on the basis of limited conditions, it can produce a reasonable structure, reliable positioning, economical and practical clamp concrete.

And the design and application of the fixture, it is also convenient for round or shaft parts processing, simple structure, easy to operate, can reduce costs, improve work efficiency, ensure quality, has a good application value. When the groove width of the processing parts ≤1mm below, with ordinary machinery and equipment is difficult to process, because of the smaller cutting tools, the more difficult to process, and even can not process; In this case, the use of special processing in the EDM wire cutting or other electrical processing equipment processing, can solve the narrow groove parts processing. And the circumference of the narrow groove on-line cutting machine processing, has always been regarded as one of the most difficult process, so the germination of the idea of developing auxiliary fixture, and through the use of good results, to solve the on-line cutting machine processing batch products technical problems.

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