Erowa Fixture Positioning Principle Introduction
Sep 13, 2018

A good set of quick positioning fixture, mainly depends on the chuck and the electrode seat of the joint role, Chuck played the role of fixture positioning. and to ensure the processing accuracy of a product, more importantly, the electrode holder is the electrode chuck.

Because the electrode seat is a part that is directly in contact with the workpiece, it is also the main part of positioning precision. How to position the electrode seat precision, chuck and how to tighten it?

The following Turkestan for Seiko to tell you.

1. Put the electrode seat down vertically, and when the fixture is not locked, the 4 hex pins of the electrode seat are not fully fit to the Chuck Datum.

2. When the electrode seat is locked, the electrode seat of the 4 hexagonal nails completely fit the datum plane, and the positioning plate under the electrode seat will be flexible deformation, thereby playing a central role.

3. Why is the deformation of the positioning plate capable of producing high accuracy?

Because the tolerances of the positioning plate and the tolerance of 4 long square hole are within ±0.002mm, the repeatability of the electrode seat can be guaranteed.

4. Each electrode seat before shipment, the inspectors will be adjusted to ensure that the tolerance within the ±0.002mm, when the workpiece installed on the electrode seat for processing, the gong out of the workpiece flatness is also within ±0.002mm.

5. In the process of locking the electrode seat, first install the nail and lock, and then put the vertical light to the positioning seat and lock, when the locking ball will be top to pull the nail ring, with the help of the pull-ring bevel to create downward pressure, thereby locking the electrode block.

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