Benefits of using the Erowa positioning fixture system for production
Sep 13, 2018

In the process of modern chemical manufacturing, its goal is to optimize all kinds of production mode as far as possible, at this time, precision machinery parts processing and automatic production process will naturally need to use positioning fixture system. In the mechanical parts processing and automated production of domestic, the use of the fixture system to a large point, can be divided into Erowa positioning fixture, System 3r fixture, toward the small CNC positioning fixture, EDM positioning fixture, wire cutting positioning fixture, 0-point positioning system, etc.

After the use of positioning fixture, we can not only reduce the clamping time, but also effectively improve production efficiency.

So what are the benefits of using precision positioning fixtures for our production?

First, repetition ability: precision Universal tool system to standardize production. Previously done workpieces can be accurately repeated by other operators at any time.

The workpiece is inspected, measured and, if necessary, re-machined in front of the working system. Second, production capacity: Automation will be unmanned to work night and weekend into actual processing time. 24 hours a day.

The Erowa flexible manufacturing concept enables you to work on a single machine, based on the manual operation of a shift, which can be processed up to 16 hours per day.

Three. Flexibility: Flexibility is difficult to express in numbers. But it is vital to be able to adapt to changing needs today. Shorten the processing time, even small series or disposable products are also reduced.

This will increase your flexibility in planning and production.

Four. quality: Due to the orderly work steps and technical support, the source of the error will be gradually eliminated.

Both production quality and product quality will be greatly improved. Investment return: Only a small amount of cost, increased production capacity to ensure that the investment in the short term after the return.

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