Basic and specifications for positioning pads
Sep 13, 2018

The positioning plate is the most economical base piece for holding the electrodes. It can be mounted directly on the electrode blank. Thus, the electrode fixture is also matched with its.

The hole holes can be drilled directly on the blanks simply by using a drilling template or NC programming method.

Specifications: A set of 2 pieces, anti-corrosion, each set containing 4 M5 support foot screws.

Application: Small electrode.

Mounting: Directly on the copper block plane of the electrode chuck.

System accuracy of the positioning plate on the chuck: 0.002 mm

Positioning Plate 50: applied to small electrodes.

Positioning Plate M8: Applied to the workpiece and electrodes.

Human error: After using the fixture system, all positioning is guaranteed by the fixture, completely eliminating the loss caused by human error or the center error of the electrode.

Detection: Each electrode is in-machine detection, time-saving and ensure the accuracy, do not have to calibrate the machine on the table, greatly improving the utilization of the machine.

Standard interface: All machine tools have the same workbench, unified the connection of various machine tools, so that the conversion between the processes smoother, more accurate rate. Speed: From one process to another process, only need a very simple step, you can quickly get your machine to be re-set to achieve rapid change of the workpiece, do not need to hit the table to find positive, the real increase in machine production time!

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