Relative Tools

  • Centering Plate Torque Wrench

    centering plate Torque wrench Description: This is a torque wrench import from Japan, it is available to use on the process of assembling centering plate to the holder. 5 kg strength can lock the screw in similar tight level. It helps to reduce the time to adjust the holder...
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  • Swarf Proof Aluminum Plug

    Swarf-proof aluminum plug Description: Plus auto swarf-proof plug is made by aluminum. Due to the structure of the chuck is precision, keep the chuck inside free of swarf is a very important maintenance. And our swarf-proof plug is very useful to protect your chuck and avoid...
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  • Compatible Erowa EDM Manual C Axis

    compatible erowa EDM manual C axis Description: Plus auto EDM manual C axis is available to use with EROWA ITS system. It is assembled with centering plate 90 under the bottom. Manual C axis is the same as other regular product which able to adjust X,Y axis in slightly angle....
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  • Spigot O-ring Replacement

    Replacement ring for compatible EROWA spigot Description: For standard ITS system, O-ring of spigot is the consuming part of this system. The usage of O-ring is the part get stress and force the spigot and holder down to operate the system during chuck locking. Therefore, the...
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  • Plastic Rack System Stand For 4 Fold

    plastic rack system stand for 4 fold Description: PLUS AUTO plastic rack system stand for 4 fold is the best choice for customer to carry and maintain the ITS standard holder. Our products are similar to ER-013913. This plastic rack can carry 4 standard ITS 50 holders. System...
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  • Preicsion Expanding Positioning Dowel

    Precision Expanding positioning dowel Description: Precision expanding positioning dowel can be use for locating the workpiece in good tolerance. The dowel pin will expand after use Allen key to turn and fixed. Compatible EROWA model code: n/a Plus Auto model code: PA-180006S...
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  • EWIS Chips ER-035154

    EWIS chip Description: Plus Auto EWIS chips is a chips only available to read out. Written function is not available. Size of this chips will be D18, which is bigger than the original EROWA EWIS chips ER-035154. Customer can use plus auto chips on Plus auto ITS holders, it...
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  • Plastic Rack System Stand 50 For 12 Fold

    Plastic rack system stand 50 for 12 fold Description: Plastic rack for carrying standard ITS electrode holder with centering plate 50, which is useful to maintain the holder during storage. Foots will be free and vacant from the table to avoid unnecessary damage on flatness...
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