Compatible EROWA ITS System

  • Stainless Steel Centering Plate 50 ER-009214

    PLUS AUTO centering plate 50 is equivalent to ER-009214, it is a set of centering plate 50 including 4 supporting feet, users can produced their own designed of electrode holder and assemble with this centering plate 50 to use in ITS system both in PLUS AUTO or EROWA.
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  • Magnetic Centering Reference Probe

    PLUS AUTO magnetic reference probe can use on Sink EDM and CNC machines table directly as a zero point reference on the table. Magnetic bottom designed can allow you locate on the table easily in a second.
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  • Checking Pin ER-010723

    PLUS AUTO checking pin is equivalent to ER-010723 checking pin 50, it has a D30 cylindrical pin which you can use for alignment of radial, axial and angular position of ITS chuck. Specially C axis
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  • Parallel Gauging Pin for the Parallel

    PLUS AUTO Parallel gauging pin is the most economic product you can choose for reference product range. Parallel gauging pin are able to check the flatness and linear by two side and the top. It is good enough to help you to installed and adjust the chuck position on CNC...
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  • Gauging Pin ER-008617

    PLUS AUTO Gauging pin is equivalent to ER-008617. Gauging pin is the datum product to use when you install and mounting the chuck. It is perfect to alignment of ITS chuck in radial, axial and angular position.
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  • D4 Spring Type Centering Sensor ER-008638

    PLUS AUTO spring type centering sensor is equivalent to ER-008638. The function of PLUS AUTO centering sensor is the same as EROWA sensor with ball. It is designed for using on Sink EDM machine to generate the center of workpiece.
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  • Centering Sensor

    PLUS AUTO fixed type centering sensor is the most economic option product for centering the workpiece on EDM machines. The function of PLUS AUTO centering sensor is the same as EROWA sensor with ball. It can easily generate the center of workpiece by touching the four side of it.
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  • Adjustable WEDM Holder

    PLUS AUTO Adjustable WEDM holder is equivalent to the base on the concept of ER-017198 assemble with Quick chuck 50. It can use on Wire EDM machines.
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  • Fixed Wire-cut EDM Chuck

    PLUS AUTO Fixed wire-cut EDM chuck is equivalent to ER-022584 Quick chuck 50 RSM Unoset on adapter plate R=100mm. it can use both in Sink EDM or Wirecut EDM machines.
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  • 3 Axis High Precision Control Jig ER-008856

    PLUS AUTO 3 Axes high precision control Jig is equivalent to ER-008856.Rotatble pendulum vise 0-100 Unoset. This control jig is only using on Wire EMD machine for adjusting the workpiece positioning in three axes. The top clamping part is able to rotate in some degree.
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  • V-shape Wire-cut EDM Holder ER-016691

    Plus auto V-shape wire-cut EDM holder is equivalent to ER-016691. It is a holder to use on WEDM machine. It can clamp the parts in prismatic slot, parallel and angular precision 0.01mm.
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  • Quick Chuck 50 with Connect Rod

    Quick chuck 50 with connection rod is designed for sink EDM machine. It is another method of install quick chuck 50 on EDM machines.
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